“One Small Step” C60
(Dead Definition)

This is a pretty trippy telling of the tale about the ultimate human trip. 

Taking liberties with original Apollo 11-themed soundbites and the BIG MOOD that those intrepid astronauts must have been feeling, The Tender Band synthesizer-izes and otherwise post-third-rocks out with some outta this world, musical/psycho-drama radio programming that doesn’t waste a second in its hour long duration. 

Across eight unique acts, TTB’s “One Small Step” explores the outer reaches of adventure, lunacy, and re-grounding of the action-seekers' psyches through lush, sonic animations of expertly playful, sentimental, and at times downright spooky soundscapes and broadway ballads.  

Explore the links below to see if you can catch the actual theatrical event in a village near you! What a blast!


—Jacob An Kittenplan