EKIN FIL “You, Only” (Vaknar)

Turkish musician Ekin Üzeltüzenci, aka Ekin Fil, processes voice and piano and other sources until they’re completely otherworldly. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the tape itself, with its black-and-white photo of a logger on a river, calls to mind the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington, with its prominent sawmill and dreamy atmospheres, where veils between worlds are thin. Ekin Fil certainly helps the comparison by composing ethereal songs in the vein of Julee Cruise, although run through a Grouper-like filter of Liz Harris gauze instead of Angelo Badalmenti’s warped vision of the 1950s. Both work just fine when juxtaposed next to each other, thank you very much.

“You, Only” is a surreal affair, moonlight filtering through tree branches and rippling across water. It’s a personal statement, one you have to bend your ear to in order to perceive the magic of Ekin Fil’s surroundings. Get close, get in there – “You, Only” is inviting and welcoming, a spell cast over a small amount of real estate; if you come across it though, forget it: it’s got you. It’s cinematic but not overt, personal but not cloying, a story waiting to be formed and translated. Once it’s yours, it’s your secret; be careful with such elusive and vibrant knowledge.