VARIOUS ARTISTS “DGHD-50” (Digital Hotdogs)

Well, of course. Why wouldn’t you absolutely need this huge comp from Austin label Digital Hotdogs? The label is as weird and awesome as it sounds, and “DGHD-50” (yep, that’s also the catalog number) serves up thirty delicious morsels on a bun. And by “on a bun” I mean in a Norelco case, but definitely with mustard and relish.

And no, there is NO AFFILIATION with Burger Records/Wiener Records in case anybody got a spine shiver thinking about it.

“DGHD-50” is full of tremendous surprises. I wasn’t familiar with the label before this, so when Alex Wiley Coyote’s “John Leguizamo” came on, I was like, “Oh neat, this is gonna be a collection of tunes that sound like old Ween songs.” It is not! (Which is both too bad and just fine because it’s still good.) There’s all kinds of sweet grease to slide down here, from Devo-inspired mayhem to Cars-inspired mayhem to all manner of quirky punk and waves both new and no. Have any of these artists appeared on a Haord Records release? Wouldn’t surprise me!

And just check out the names of some of these artists – it’s like a fantasy camp of outcasts and misfits whose imaginations were too vibrant for the mainstream: Betty Goop, The Reeks, Trashdog, Prom Threat, Riot Punch, Uncle Jesus (whose track here is called “Put a Diaper on Me and Call Me a Baby”), Mangrave, and Blank Hellscape. Don’t all of those just scream “angry nerds”? And aren’t angry nerds the best at making music? (I’m not 100 percent on that, but go with me here.)

So if you ever needed an entry point in the Digital Hotdogs catalog, this here’s your answer. If you never knew you needed something like Digital Hotdogs in your life, this here’s your answer to that too. Don’t waste another second without it.