“This Reminds Me: Songs by Linda Smith Reimagined” C60
(Lost Sound Tapes)

Per Lost Sound Tapes’ Bandcamp bio for this release, Linda Smith has apparently had a cult following as an outsider/lo-fi synth-pop visionary since back in the 80s in Baltimore…and that influence still pumps heavy today in the blood of 19 bands LST chose to “reimagine" her songs for on this comp. 

Fairly reminiscent of Jerry Paper, and for a solid hour, “This Reminds Me…” toes the line between catchy and plum-fuckin-weird, shining a spotlight on the raw/cheesiness of lo-fi/presets/beats and simple -if not wildly unconventional and/or infectious- pop hooks that were (and still are) the hallmark of LS’s solid, laid back grooves. Think Depeche Mode’s “Speak and Spell”, but Chopped-&-Screwed, & with Brainiac vocals. Pretty rad!


—Jacob An Kittenplan