CAPTURE CULTURE “Capture Culture” C34 (Endangered Species Tapes)

Capture Culture (Richmond, Virginia) trades in droning nocturnal arrangements at times drifting and internal, at others noisy and agitated. This self-titled cassette on Allentown, PA’s, Endangered Species Tapes winds through a minefield of emotional triggers, ultimately simmering in sourness and discontent. It doesn’t start out this way, not with “warm night,” a reverie of the summer evening, but it starts to fray around the edges with “long walk.” It’s a little more obvious on side B’s “inequity” and “in a time of want,” with the latter roiling through distortion and noise like a heart beating black blood. Take everything you hope and wish for, let them slowly crumble until they don’t really represent the things they used to, and manifest your disappointment in slowly growing anger and despair. That’s how you get through Capture Culture! That’s your ticket!