HOBOCOP “Hungry Freak in the Data Mine” (Head Cleaner Records)

No wave garage throwbacks Hobocop aren’t tech-savvy enough to develop an unstoppable crime-fighting robot, so they’re instead employing the unemployed for their law enforcement needs. At least that’s what I’m getting out of this. How else do you explain to a child what a Hobocop is without referring to the Peter Weller vehicle as a counterpoint? You just can’t.

Cody and Owen are the principle Hobocoppers, and one of them purportedly was in Shannon and the Clams. Together with their friends Lillian Marniningzing and Peroni Cloutzer, the weird boys make Devo-meets-Eastern bloc punk on Hungry Freak in the Data Mine, a batch of quick rippers that refuse to sit still. Hey, Hobocop once released a record on Slovenly, one of the best scuzz-unearthing labels in the biz. We’re in good company here.

Over fourteen tracks, the band lets every odd thought leak out into their compositions, and the result is a constantly thrilling joyride of tight rhythms and spiraling melodies. Hungry Freak in the Data Mine will have you white-knuckling at top speed down a snaking mountain path in a brakeless 1960s European racing model. Each track is a turn you barely make as you squeal on two wheels around it. God, don’t you just love this brisk alpine air?