“Self-Titled” C33
(Discrepant/Sucata Tapes)

There are plenty of dark ambient sound sculptors out there that can paint bleak, compelling portraits of a life lost wandering haunted coal mines, but these two SF Bay Area artists know how to take that fear and tame it -take that uneasy ambiance and make it livewithable, almost cozy in its claustrophobia- by highlighting futuristic catacombic antechambers and necroluminescent spirit trails with an amicable, neon gloom to act as charming skylight, so many hundreds of feet below ground. 

With their eponymous debut, Only Now & Orogen take a common, foreboding story arc and turn it on its ear, teaching us to make the best of a doomed situation; When life gives you ghosts, enlist them in your molasses-greased groove-machine and quiver to the seismic rumbles of a groaning, chasmic prison!


—Jacob An Kittenplan