"Curses and Conspiracies" c20
(Love Earth Music)
Funny cover. This is a really brutal tape that completely took me by surprise. I'm not aware of either of these artists, but I'd sure like to know more. First off, it appears that each artist plays percussion on the other one's idea. The Actuary portion is a tangled mess of screams and noise that is very well edited. It's a complete sonic onslaught that had me riveted the whole time through. It's great to hear noise music that really speaks to me. A lot is done with the human voice here. The Aderlating side is even better. These guys take more of a noise meets death metal meets free jazz approach and it works wonders. This is some of the best music of its kind that I've ever heard. If you haven't checked out either of these bands, please do so now. This is sure to appeal to the metal heads and true noise fans, but it's dynamic and innovative enough to grab the shirt collars of all fans of "out" music. Great!

I think the guy who does this label is in the band +DOG+, you should check out +DOG+. Website. Actuary site. Aderlating site.