WIDOW'S BATH "A Love in the Shadow..." c48
(Rainbow Bridge)

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this. At a criminally long 92 minutes, Pregnant Spore's Ache For seemed like it might be more than I could handle. The first few minutes of burping electronics didn't do much for me, but eventually I surrendered to the flow and let the music wash over me. I would call this "mellow harsh." There's enough space in the music for it not to be oppressive and it eventually put me in a pleasant mood. This is the kind of music I generally associate with open circuit electronics: make a little noise...silence...adjust some connections...make a little noise...silence. I'm usually a fan of shorter tapes, but sometime you have to just go for it.

Widow's Bath give us a shorter tape with a longer title, "A Love In The Shadow Of That Which Constitutes Love." I did not enjoy this one as much. It's much busier, lots of nob twiddling and stuff that doesn't really go anywhere, though there seems to be an interesting backstory detailed on the label's website. Not my thing though.

Let it be know that I've never heard of this label, Rainbow Bridge, which is based out of Baltimore, but it seems like I should. They've got over 100 releases in their discography including jams by Andrew Coltrane, Skin Graft, NPV, Torturing Nurse, Cock E.S.P. & Merzbow, which are still in print. Check it out here.