BOZMO "Hosanna in the Highest" c60

With lyrics like "you're in middle school for life, I'm in middle school for life," this is just clearly not my thing. I am NOT in middle school for life. Still, this tape by Bozmo is pretty good. Ya know, it's indie rock. It's relatively upbeat, well recorded, it's got instruments and stuff. The singing is not overly wretched and I can see a lot of people digging this, but sometimes I wish Steve Malkmus had been horribly maimed during high school, like the dudes in Faxed Head. I would probably not have to attempt to differentiate band x from band y from band z so dang often. I mean, I've heard way more derivative stuff out there, and shit, Pavement just copied the Fall and put a better melody to it anyway. What do I know about music for chrissakes? I'm just saying, God blessed every individual with their own speaking voice, so why does all this singing sound the same? Am I bitter? Does anyone care?

This is also available as an LP and as a digital fun-packet. Listen to it here, you might like it if you like this kind of I feel like I've been saying that a lot. Can someone please send me something that's really truly punk please?