MINCEMEAT OR TENSPEED "Games of Chance" c52 (self released)

Mincemeat or Tenspeed really throws down on this cassette, one of the best "noise" tapes I've heard in awhile. Calling it noise is probably over simplistic. This is 21st century abrasive pyschoparty rhythm music. It's fuzzy throbbing tentacle suckling goodtime happy horse mangler trot-fest. Splish-blip raindrop-shatter with wipers flicking. Assrobbing twitch and 4/4 thump towards spool unfurling higgity. Spectrum dislocation disorder survivor's club mentality rubdown. I saw this guy in a basement last month and it was a dance party 's all I'm saying. He's now located in Providence, RI. Track this bea(s)t down. Beautiful screen printed J-card Buy here.