The Golden Hours - "Floating Weeds" c25

Very catchy pops from Portland-area flowerheads. Been waiting on this one because Raf and Alex's other catchy pops band The Woolen Men are one of my favorites. Can't ever really complain too much about anything Night-People does, on any level. Pretty, kiwi-style girl vocals, shiny keys, jangly gits, punchy drums, great songs; another solid release for NP's already sterling pop/garage/rock catalog. "Satellite" is my favorite track, I think. Again, this shit is straight pop and can get a little cutesy with the very girly vocals but sometimes that's a really nice thing, I guess. Apparently they have another tape that came out on Eggy awhile back but I don't think I knew these kids back then so I didn't get one. If you like this definitely check out The Woolen Men (no girls, sadly) who have an LP on the way from Woodsist sooner/later this year. If you really didn't already know, go visit Night-People.