Brave Mysteries:
Occult Music for the 21st Century

I'd like to share with you my appreciation for Brave Mysteries, a Madison, WI cassette and vinyl label that specializes in a cryptic form of music that I'm not sure has a proper name yet. Like Night People, Not Not Fun, NNA and countless other labels these days, Brave Mysteries has a very specific aesthetic that can be found on each and every one of their releases. But, while those aforementioned labels traffic in an 1980s obsessed retro-futurism, our friends in Madison are more comfortable with 1580s mysticism. The cleanly recorded music released on BM straddles the line somewhere between psych, drone and noise, but it manages to feel both fresh and timeless. These are recordings that take you on a journey, often towards some darker areas of the human experience, but their affect is never off putting or confrontational. The music welcomes you in, like getting an invitation to join a cabal of hooded Crowleyites. I suggest you attend their black mass.

Peruse the strange goings on at this web portal. Think of checking out the 5 tapes for $30 ppd deal. I've heard six different releases on the label and they were all top quality!