YORK FACTORY COMPLAINT "Live Document 09-10" c40 (Robert and Leopold)

Yow that's loud! Let me turn this down...one sec. Shit this is some loud fucking noise music. Okay let me see here...Ahhh I can't deal with this...{takes tape out of deck. three weeks pass} Okay let me try to listen to this again....shit that's loud! Let me turn this down...hold on. Okay, I'm good. This is some pretty brutal stuff.

Though the group has come to include other members from time to time,York Factory Complaint originally formed as a duo of Ryan Martin (not the guy who does Hot Releases) and Michael Berdan, who both are represented on all three cuts of "Live Document." The A side is a complete live set featuring Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle. Now if that's not a ringing endorsement of YFC, then I don't know what is. And ringing it is: terrifying oscillations with mangled yelling underneath. Not friendly, but it sure packs a punch. The B side takes it down a little bit with two (respectively) mellow sets featuring different four piece lineups, one with Cory E. Card and Louis Caldarola and the other with Theresa Smith and Michael Yaniro. Many folks will be drawn to this for the P-Orridge collaboration, but I think they'll be presently surprised by the more dynamic sounds found on the other segments of the tape.

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