Jewels Of The Nile are a KILLER new synth duo, consisting of members Meghan Christine and Jessy Montaigne.Jessy spent time in the now deceased Subtonix, and both are current members of the amazing Magick Daggers.If you are familiar with either of these acts, you already have an idea of what you're dipping into here.Jewels of the Nile conjure up a similarly harrowing style of spiritual cramping, with ghostly female vocals, bass-heavy synths and pulsating rhythms.Pleasure is a terribly catchy, and frighteningly hypnotic concoction of early dark-wave, goth, and electro vibes.These two graciously spin seven foreboding tales of love and death, and they are damn good at it.Mixed by Soft Metals' Ian Hicks, this album is stunning from end to end, and each doom-filled track holds a unique tone and overall mood, all the while remaining a very cohesive album.It's got a strikingly dark and glacial synth tone, sounding just as full as it does bare and deserted.Montaigne's lyrics pour out like a sweet venom, with her voice hanging somewhere between tuneful lullaby and deep howl, and rests comfortably within the deep chill of the icy keys.On side B, the two turn out a deeply paranoid version of Christian Death's "Deathwish", and things begin to make a lot of sense right about then.
Ultimately, a very rewarding trek through slightly familiar dark and cold wave territories, and I really can't say enough good things about this tape.Edition of 150 in hand sewn pleather cases.Get one from Sweating Tapes.