FEATURELESS GHOST - "Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies" c21 (Crash Symbols)

Highly addictive new mini album from Featureless Ghost, an ATL duo consisting of uber busy synth dude Matt Weiner, of recent TWINS and Cruisin' fame, and Elise Tippins of Fantastic Lands.Both did some time together as Best Hits, too.Not unlike the warped synth treatments and dense bumping of his previous outfits, Weiner once again brings an arsenal of arpeggios, driving beats, and robotic trickery.Featureless Ghost has more of a dark, cold wave vibe, with an array of icy synths and hollow analog jaunts, and the stern, Numan-esque vocal delivery(from both members) gives the songs a menacing and sinister feel.With all of the obscure references you can throw at this act, a good part of this actually reminded me of early Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode albums, with all the chopped vocal samples, deep grooves and funky synth-bass.Compliment.The drum patterns are catchy and well sequenced, nothing too flashy or overbearing, and the instrumentation is tasteful, and flawlessly executed.
"Data Dancer" really got into my head, and refused leave for days on end.It's got a really heavy Front 242 vibe, led by weirdo voice samples, rather than actual vocal parts, and a skittering kick drum that just won't quit.The keys are really tweaked on this one, and scattered weirdly throughout the song, giving a nice contrast to the underlying club vibe it holds.From there on, it's a decade-less, nonstop barrage of every available(and unavailable) "wave" out there.This is a highly recommended debut, and it may just get the loners and introverts dancing, outside of their bedrooms for a change.Fingers crossed for a possible tour, because this probably kills live.
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