BEBE FANG - "s/t" c32 (Night-People)

Bebe Fang are a very promising new Dutch duo, who share members with recent Night-People alumni, Eklin.Bebe Fang creates a fairly similar universe, with their cavernous percussion, glacial atmospherics, and some rather haunting, yet, mesmerizing vocal pairing.Their music is completely free of specific genre, and they never cover the same ground twice.Their subtle movements are constantly evolving and taking a new form, like an icicle patiently melting into a puddle on the warm ground, then evaporating to start again.The first few minutes of side A brings a dark and unsettling swell, falling somewhere between 1970's horror soundtrack and hypnotic drone.A desperate and breathy female voice floats atop a translucent bass line, like some kind of bluesy apparition.The steady thudding of a singular drum creeps in, and things really start to bloom.By the end of side A, a deeply rhythmic seance is happening around you, and it's an all-consuming and otherworldly sound indeed.
Side B offers something fairly similar, beginning with a lengthy drone made up of scathing repetitions, howling wind, and the deep vibration of an underlying synth chord.It's not until "Dirt" that their ambient exploration really begins to shine, with a dense and distant pounding, not unlike that of a heartbeat, and an uneasy male voice gliding over miniature guitar and bass intertwining.Things close with a choir-like tune, called "Light", a short vocal workout that really shows what their voices are capable of, and a perfect exit to their other-wordly beauty.Highly recommended headphone listening.Checkout Eklin's "Onwa" cassette, too.Get both from Night-People.