NOAH WALL "Heloise" (Crash Symbols)

Very compelling album of singing and keyboarding by Noah Wall. It's got lyrics, it's got synths. If what you need is singing and synths, it's got what you need. The first thing it's got is synths, cause that's the first thing you hear. Then you hear singing. Singing from a guy named Noah. It's got singing. You need singing. You need Noah singing. As it progresses the album achieves some of the grandeur of Eno's best pop. That's good. You need that grandeur. Noah puts his vocals through a bunch of filters and stuff. Did I mention it's got filters? It's got those. You need those. You need this. If you want...

Best to listen for yourself. Hey this is available on cassette and vinyl! You can do the listening and buy the tape or LP version of "Heloise" here.

Crash Symbols looks like they've got a hecka ton of other stuff out too. SEE.