ANDREW WEATHERS “I Am Happy When I Am Moving” C40 (Constellation Tatsu)

Andrew Weathers’s explorative output has been a consistent blend of beauty and serenity over the past six years, from overtone worshipping organic minimalism to lo-fi, humble folk-ishnesses, releasing material under his own name, as well as a plethora of other projects.

This most recent offering finds him at his most meditative and wise -as is par for the course for how CT releases go- and AW here crafts mantras of American primitive bent, both electric and steel string acoustic (a la Steffan Basho-Junghans’s ‘Late Summer Morning’ plodding meanderings) with accompaniments of Newer Age-y shifting swells of droning synth, organ, electronic manipulations and field recordings, as well as the occasional banjo embellishment. The focal points trade off seamlessly, like relay runners in slow motion, under water.

Honestly, I’ve listened to this album about ten times now and have started to assign subjective moods, mostly saccharine/montage-y, to the half dozen or so movements, especially those that re-visit the main theme/riff of the album’s opener, and I could easily see this being a b-side soundtrack to the fucking Wonder Years. Maybe Fred Savage is Andrew Weathers’s spirit animal?


- - Jacob An Kittenplan