More Thoughts from Elizabeth Ann Knott,
An All American Teenage Girl

Album/Mixtape name: The Idle Hour Club
Artist/Composer: The Idle Hour Club

Comments: The Idle Hour Club establishes a throughly excellent tape with variations in tone, sound, and voice. Although alone the vocals would be considered a tad jarring, the vocals mix excellently with songs such as "Astatine" and "Daylite". This would be a good mix to put on when working or trying to get something done and done well.

Rating: 8/10

Album/Mixtape name: Holy Hills
Artist/Composer: J Power/ PSILAB

Comments: A haunting, ethereal mix. With gently floating chords and noises with no leading vocal, this isn't your average mix. The sounds induce meditation and intellectual stimulation but this isn't something you can listen to actively and keep your focus. For those looking for background music or something to chill to.

Rating: 5/10

Album/Mixtape name: Ah God
Artist/Composer: Ah God

Comments: Reasonably well put together, grunge and 60's influences as indicated by the hippie themes on the cover. However, there is one thing that marked this tape as unusual - The tape has an overlying static or grumbling noise. This isn't due to tape damage, this coincides musically with the under track, producing a filthy grunge sound. Overall interesting listen.

Download link for "Ah God": : Type in rert-5g3
Rating: 7/10

Album/Mixtape name: The Jigsaw Seen
Artist/Composer: Have A Wonderful Day

Comments: Excellent mix : The artists of "Have A Wonderful Day" beautifully mixed Beatles, Grunge influences, and even a little Beach Boys into these 3 incredible tracks. It's rare to find a diamond in the rough like this amoung so many other superficial bands, but The Jigsaw Seen really has displayed supreme musical quality. (Yes, i'm still humming "We Women")

Example of music:

Rating: 9.5/10

Album/Mixtape name: Dream Journal
Artist/Composer: Lilac

Comments: While the tracks are a little aimless, Lilac conveys a very etheral, calming tone overall. These tracks blend together excellently, each having their own touch without being too different from one another. I could compare this style to Pink Floyd. The most interesting things I noticed about the tape was the opera influences so excellently sewn into the fabric of songs.

Listen more:
Type in: dsc5-bcy3

Rating: 7.5/10

-- Elizabeth Ann Knott