“Guide to Bizarre Behavior”
(Shangorrilla Records)

Dynamite toothbrush and Russian romances. A refrigerator turned on again. Weird shit and more weird shit. Guide to Bizarre Behavior are a trio who have created the soundtrack that every demented looking rusty fun house in a c-list horror movie taking place at an abandoned theme park needs to blare over its speakers. In fact, the Beige Castle from the opening track just might be that fun house.
The lyrics are nonsense and thankfully a book in the j-card serves as a helpful companion in navigating. The band might be out of sync with conventional reality, but they are in-sync musically. They make their brand of highly experimental and highly entertaining weirdness work. Don’t get lost in the sonic hall of mirrors that has been created on the tape. Not everything is shallow or for laughs. The saga of Bill on “Bill”, the critiques of the pope on “Bruxism and scathing review of capitalism titled “Corporate Whore” show there is more going on here. It is hard to tell what is ironic compared with what is sincere. All I can say is I enjoyed it all.

-- Roy Blumenfeld