TONE GHOSTING “Private Jet Experience” (Become Eternal)

Taste the donut constructed with a flight simulator generator.  The anonymous businessman awaits your conference call.  He wants to discuss this new invention, the cellular phone.  You can talk in your convertible while doing double nickels on the Pacific Coast Highway.  He’s training to be the world’s weatherman.  This is why you are joining him for the Private Jet Experience. 

He requests that the pilot’s personal chef attempts to recreate a meal his own mother would make for a Sunday supper.  Two perfectly crafted wedges of apple pie in shrink wrap sits on a shelf next to the intercom and stewardess’ demo life preserver and oxygen mask set.  The captain has an extra long hair in one of his eyebrows.  The coffee is served with sugarcubes, and the cups were handcrafted in late 19th century Japan.  Upon a deep inhalation, the manufactured oxygen hits the brainstem and wipes away previous confusion.  The fresh, soft pillow between your head and the headrest absorbs your conditioner and is turning a yellowish beige.  Out the window, in the distance, your fourth grade math teacher  is at a playground with her grandchild, pushing her on a swing.

--Adam Padavano