HAKOBUNE “Love Knows Where” C32 (Constellation Tatsu)

Per Discogs, Takahiro Yorifuji’s solo ambient guitar output as Hakobune tallies 55 releases (only half or less of those as splits/comp tracks…in under 5 years) and listening to his own bandcamp page provides listening access to 34 of those. It’s incredibly inspiring to learn that they’re all, every single one, consistently worthy of a mindful, deep listening, too.

One might take special note that this guy was also in the powerviolence band, Whales, and consider meditating on the parallels of the seemingly juxtaposing genres of “powerviolence” and “minimalist ambient” as well as the practice of composing as a “solo project” and “full band”. With enough effort, this mental diagramming proves endless, a beautiful way to engage the brain and mind while listening to these narcotic haystacks of all reverb/no attack guitar dronings, none of which are saccharine, only hinting at implying any sentimentality whatsoever. The overall effect is that of being forced into a reflective state, but stripped of all personal history, not “disassociated” so much as simply ‘freed’.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan