I gotta hand it to these two folx, they’re covering a lot of ground, trying to pull from the multiple underground disciplines of black metal, industrial, noise, ambient…& what I can only call a heavily distorted jam band sound (sorry, dudes), and, for that, I am grateful for the experience of reviewing this tape. If I had any sway, I’d strongly urge they stick with the drone/noise mixed with black metal vocals (at times, they sound just like Sutekh Hexen would if they played at 1/4th the speed) and definitely avoid the loosey-goosey delay’d jamming. The constantly shifting effects-pedalwork makes for some really engaging stuff and, as far as black metal goes, those shrieks are dead on ringers for tortured Scandinavian souls.

Considering these two Midwest metropolitans, “Cru$t” and “Rage”, both played, recorded, mixed, mastered, dubbed, painted, and designed these cassettes, I’m wondering if they even went so far as to hunt and skin the animal whose pelt came wrapped around my cassette. Talk about DIY!

Note: link below is not what’s on the tape I received.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan