“Viaje a Través de Sonidos Transportative” C35
(Inner Islands)

After releases through Digitalis Ltd, Sanity Muffin, Golden Cloud, and Petit Mal, Michael Henning has now found a beautiful new home on one of my favorite Bay Area labels, Inner Islands… and I wonder what the hell took him so long. His fearless explorations in blending vibrant themes of ambient, minimalist, new age, Eastern/African, and the occasional booty-shakingnesses…it just fits in with the II catalogue so perfectly. I’m always glad to find a new sonic adventure, both intimate and, yes, I do dare say it, ‘cosmic’, and through these progressive mediations, all carefully arranged and magnetized onto one li’l cassette, I can paint and nap and nap and paint all goddamn day long, intermittently crawling out of my skull for a breath of fresh air just in time to catch the sound of a shooting star, aurora borealis, echoes of an ancient santur-ian ghost, or an unidentified flying drum circle.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan