(Golden Cloud Tapes)

You know what never goes out of style? If you said blue jeans, converse all stars and a white t-shirt ensemble, you'd be correct. But the answer I was looking for would be New England Autumn, with an emphasis on the gothic overtones of the October Halloween. For about a couple of months, New England's arboretums and trees naturally shift in color from green to yellow, orange, crimson and even purple. And for some reason, everything is spookier in New England in Autumn. 

This cassette embodies this aesthetic in a found sound/acoustic guitar finger picking/electric reverberation & delay guitar/percussion/casio jam. echoing chanting, wolf cries, sounds of the night! Jams of the night! Acid testing concert vibes mixed with hardcore hocus pocus trick or treating waltzes. And then also downright folky. campfire spook out shroom trips. I since a "Harvester" influence. Oh yeah, and some downright FILTHY psychedelic blues guitar.

Really loose jamming going on, minimal vocals and some great scale searching. Echoing delay guitar layered with some looped guitar is always a nice addition to just about anything. And so is spare acoustic guitar being played by someone who knows what they're doing. This cassette is a good pick up and gets me "there", even though the beat hardly ever changes tempo and there is times it just feels meandering. Gentle acoustic guitar and halloween spook, what more could you ask for.