some reviews

Friends and Family VOL I
While there are a variety of artists and genres displayed on the tape, all of them were throughly enjoyable. Most of them seemed to revolve loosely around folk rock and acoustic styles, which blended excellently in tracks like "Cheap Wine (Live)" and "The Grove is Hotter than an Ocean's Oven." (Both of which I was singing along to by the 2nd verse.) Highly recommend to anyone looking for an effective track to put on when relaxing or reflecting.

Patience (STOP DANCING) PatienceWith the title being cryptic, I was shocked to find the 2 tracks inside highly upbeat and pleasureful to the ears. I was even more surprised to find myself singing along to an old favorite from "The Cars" on "It's (What I think I'm waiting for)" Overall a high quality, upbeat track that is worth the listen.

Spaghetti BlacI was a little disappointed by this tape. I didn't find any solid flow to the song(s) and honestly could not tell the difference between one song and the other. I would compare the sound to the sound of 4 10-year-olds who had just discovered instruments and were trying to make a cohesive sound.

Cloud MichaelNot a tape for everyone, but I found it soothing when trying to concentrate or read, because of the lack of main melody and general non-discernibility between the songs. However, it was not repulsive, and would be a good track for people wanting to lose everything and 100% chill.

Soft GridHighly, highly recommend - this is my favorite tape out of the bunch that was given to me. The second track blew my mind, i'll be honest. The incredible mixing of chill undertones and a solid overlay beat made for an extremely well made song - and the rest of the album echoed it. Also, the album art was well made and a lot of thought obviously went into it.

-- Elizabeth Knott