(Constellation Tatsu)

How deep does it have to get before you’re technically not at the beach anymore?

I feel like an asshole whenever I even think of saying that an artist makes “atmospheric (insert genre here)”, because that’s what music does; it provides an ambiance which either alters or maintains moods, right? Funk music makes you wanna dance and/or do “it”, heavy metal makes you wanna scrunch up your face and jar your brain loose from its comfy post, pop music makes you wanna talk over it and/or perpetuate consumer culture, etc…

The thing is, Dang Olsen doesn’t just tinker with your existing paradigm; he provides an aural portal for you to join him in his crusade for deeper dream appreciation. I had the good fortune to attend an art opening of his mostly chiaroscuro drawings and multimedia collages (digital photography and drawing) at a hole-in-the-wall gallery in Oakland a few months ago. After a half-hour of staring at his stark drawings, my partner and I left to get burritos. When I stepped out onto San Pablo Ave, I honestly felt like I had a contact high from simply being near the visuals of what Dang Olsen later told me were his sketches for working out his dreams” (rough paraphrase). The music has the same effect, for sure. Not just a mood adjustment, but a catapult into a deeper understanding. Sounds hokey, right? Well, I suggest you put some headphones on, pop this album on at medium volume, and try and go about your day without feeling the vibe. Take a walk anywhere. Clean the house. Reorganize your sock drawer. Without any chemical aides, your most trivial tasks will be imbued with cosmic symbols that will haunt your dreams. “Just Roll”, his prior release on CT is just as good.

PS- picture above displays the print included when picking up the 4-cassette Spring Batch by Constellation Tatsu.

PPS- exploring DO’s webpage is, in itself, a rad (head)trip worth taking the time to amble through. <3




-- Jacob An Kittenplan