"Five Cambridge Utilities" C33
(Constellation Tatsu)

What a gorgeous half hour trip into the ether! Noise-trodomus predicts that this French-Canadian’ll likely end up on the roster of Low Point, Students of Decay, or both, with its skillful command of ambient-drone guitar (think Alex Cobb or Kyle Bobby Dunn, but less melancholic/more stoic), textured field recordings, and occasional piano (a la William Basinski).

A choir of varied, reverbdelayed, soft guitar swells starts out the tape, with constantly shifting frequencies that playfully take turns shimmering & receding. Before the all too short 15 minute side is up, piano ghosts take a pre-dawn constitutional, rousing violin-esque guitar distortions to chirp at random, all the while, the steady city rumble of low end keeps its pace.

Side two kicks in with a wall of textured treble from what I’d like to think are the field recordings from Hades’ flickering flames, but I’m sure a buncha noise weirdos were just staring at a backyard bonfire during the recording. Buried beneath the crackling are UFO transmissions and the subtlest funk bassline you’ve ever heard, managing to both drive and maintain wallpaper status. Shit don’t make no sense!

Closing out the second side is another haunting piano-heavy piece, borrowing from the Disintegration Loops school, but with that aforementioned, expertly crafted guitar swell.

I wish this tape were an hour and a half, instead.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan