TERESHKOVA “Golden Tomgirl”
(Never Anything Records)

Portland, Oregon, native Jeff Lane keeps on keeping it weird on his latest tape as Tereshkova. The bedroom psychedelic pop fest Golden Tomgirl knows when to freak out and when it needs to shimmer and shine like a vivid half-awake dream. Often these two ends of the spectrum collide in the middle, and the result is a drug-fueled magic wand to the head, leaving you unconsciously screaming while obscured by clouds and dodging continuous trucks and thunder under a mother’s smile. Did I get enough references in there for you to understand where I’m and Tereshkova’s coming from? I sure hope so.

So to shove the obvious in your face just a little more, Tereshkova takes a lot of his inspiration from early Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev, with a little Floyd thrown in there, but all this with a lot more synthesizer embellishment and electronic percussion. Don’t worry, the requisite fuzzy guitar freakouts are there to satisfy the acid heads with a shoegaze fetish. Understandably, then, there’s literally not an ounce of disappointment for anyone – I think all those references cover the entire spectrum of whether or not you will appreciate this tape. Those who don’t aren’t on the right drugs. And stupid.

But don’t do drugs.

--Ryan Masteller