"Nero Porca Miseria"

The first side, Steve Kenney's "side two" is a short drone piece that keeps you intrigued as the track progresses. A dirty, dark synth loop that is always slightly changing underlies the track, short wailing synth bits come in and out of the track as they please. As the base of the track is moving forward these different alien abduction synth sounds distract you from the small changes happening. The track is minimal, but keeps me interested, I found out later that the steve kenney track on this tape is an excerpt from a larger drone track from another album of his, which made sense given that when the track ended the first time around, I was left wanting for the track to keep going. I'm assuming the Tarr side of this tape is also a Tarr track from another album, but Tarr's music seems to be harder to find online.

Tarr's "sux by suxwest" (great name) is a rougher noise piece that quickly switches in overall sound, there's a lot going on as different sections of the track are all multi-layered of rich extremely processed sounds that blend with each other to sound like i've been kicked in the head and i'm listening to my brain try and piece itself back together. Parts of this track really are impressive with how much is going on, and similar to Steve Kenney's side of this tape, I was left wanting more of the track. I actually can't find anywhere on the internet where I can find more information on Tarr, but I could find some tracks under his/her alias Drahog. But then again, as with any obscure noise artist. Maybe one day I'll find another Tarr tape in a random record shop similar to how I found this one, and I'll be able to piece together more of Tarr's/Drahog's music.

Both sides of this short tape had my attention throughout, and never really reached parts of repetition that would allow me to wander off. The tape was put out by THIRDSEX. Which I believe is run by Tarr/Drahog, and is Nero Porca Miseria on facebook. Their latest post says that NPM has been terminated. Damn. This goes out to you THIRDSEX/NPM/Tarr/Drahog.

-- Lucas Martinez