SEX FUNERAL “Eradicator” C24
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I forgot to listen to the music at first. I saw this tape on the pile and had good laugh. Then I went to YouTube and watched the entire “Eradicator” sketch from Kids in the Hall, because you know what? Bruce McCullough’s Eradicator character is funny AF. Everyone at the gym is the Eradicator’s victim when it comes to the local squash league. Here, I’m not even going to review this tape yet – you should probably go here first and have yourself a good chuckle.

“Which one of you pus-heads is Brent Armstrong?!” Classic.

Anyway, we’ve got other matters to attend to, namely Sex Funeral, a free-improv psychedelic experimental rockish/jazzish outfit from Matt Crowe (drums, percussion, bow) and Personal Archives label honcho Bob Bucko Jr. (guitar).Their tape, Eradicator, the cause of my childish chuckling for its name alone, consists of two live sidelong pieces, “Home,” recorded at “Matt’s and Michelle’s old place, and “Away,” recorded at the Zeitgeist Music Fest. Now I’m thinking about baseball and how the Phillies can be so close to a playoff spot so far into a supposedly lost season. But I digress, once again, apparently.

Like other experimental maestros, such as Thurston Moore, Kid Millions, Chris Corsano, and Bill Orcutt, Bucko and Crowe are expertly in tune with one another, thrashing about at one moment and reeling the crazy back in the next, allowing walls of feedback and percussive noise to set the stage for the next freakout. Each gnarly passage is a wormhole to another location in spacetime, spitting you out into a wholly unfamiliar environment. As soon as you start to get your bearings, it happens again. Who says unpredictability can’t be fun? Certainly not me. I prefer it this way.

So, like the Eradicator, let’s follow Bob Bucko Jr. and Matt Crowe’s lead and “climb the D squash ladder one rung at a time,” and by “D squash ladder” I mean the echelons of improvisational rock stardom. I just wanted to throw in another KITH reference. “Shoehorn” is probably a better word. It wasn’t graceful.

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--Ryan Masteller