"Parasomnia Initiation Ritual"
(self released)

Well, I'm old. Or maybe just old enough. I can hear the influences of decades past in much of today's music. The familiarity is actually a comfort. It gives the listener a base from which all that is new and innovative about what you are hearing can expand the soundscape.

So why am I saying this now? Easy. This tape is, to my ancient ears, is a piece of psychedelia from the late sixties. Sleep Terminal could be Quicksilver Messenger Service meets The Amboy Dukes meets The Dead Boys...or The Seeds...or any number of bands from that era. There is little new here, but what they do they do well.

Sadly, there are no track listings...or much of anything else to guide you. But the music holds it all together and is of more than sufficient interest to keep you harnessed and attentive for the duration. So what you get is a tape in standard Norelco case with a black and white insert with the artist name and the title of the collection. No label, no contact information, no band members names or even song titles. "Sigh"....I wish they wouldn't do this....

This is somewhat of an extended e.p. Or a short pick...A very good one I must say by a band (?) that understands the genre well. Turn on..tune in..

--Bob Zilli