TREES TAKE EASE "Lifelike" C22 (Self-Released)

I’m honestly not too familiar with the 49 shades of Death-Cab-For-Attractiveness, but I’d say this barebones bid for Something-Kinda-Like-Aeroplanes ought truly please all those interested in Lo-Fi bedroom folk/pop, for sure, and then some.

Plenty o’ simple, nylon string’d fingerstyle ploddings, expertly executed falsetto vocals laying down lone melodies, metronomic bass-snare mantras, the occasional virtuosic flourish…

This tape is pleasant. It’s nice. The employment of birdcalls-as-background on side B is unexpected and beautiful. The finale leaves us all on a spliff-hanger. I’m glad this happened…I think. I dunno. So much saccharine is flowing between my earholes, I’m not sure how well balanced I truly am. 

*This album progresses, so a cursory sweep through won’t do. Give it its less-than-half-hour due for your most well-informed judgement.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan