"Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards" C99

The definition of sulcus, as per Merriam Webster:
“plural sulci play \-ˌkī, -ˌkē, -ˌsī\
:  furrow, groove; especially :  a shallow furrow on the surface of the brain separating adjacent convolutions.”

A heady groove, huh? Pretty fucking fitting.

Here are four 25-minute tracks that could easily pass for lost Funkadelic basement jam sessions, dusted off and given another delay-pedal polishing. This is the perfect gateway tape for those that love a good, bluesy funk rhythm, but aren’t quite sure yet about that whole ‘free-jazz/noise’ thang. Perhaps Sulcus is your helping hand. The raw production fosters the feeling that you were right on the other side of their garage door from George Clinton. Dig it.



-- Jacob An Kittenplan