JQ “Quiet Music” C14 (This Ain’t Heaven)

JQ might not make the most in-your-face music (see, for reference, the album title), nor might his Quiet Music cassette last awfully long (fourteen minutes), but in the time I’ve spent with it, it’s made me feel pretty great about myself. It’s this insular electronic thing – somebody probably said “chillwave” today somewhere, and maybe they said it seriously, but it’s probably the best thing to yammer when you’re listening to this. “Headphones,” I say, “It’s you and me and this chillwave. I feel so bloody good.” I really said that out loud to myself just now, but mainly so that you readers believe that I’ll go the extra mile in order to get my story straight.

Whatever and then some, because right now I’m in a good place. I used to play a lot of Final Fantasy, mainly the PS1 system entries VII through IX, and JQ shoots me right back to those cut scenes where there’s some kind of introspection going on, or there’s a quiet moment in a town, or there’s a moment of truth between two romantically linked characters, or there’s a mana spring that’s just glistening with magic power and that magic power manifests itself in actual sound. Either way, I’m immersed in this short journey, and if it becomes a bigger, longer piece of an expanded universe, then I’m already ready for it. Just give me an elixir or a potion or a phoenix down or one of those items before I set off, just so I’m equipped. Mentally I’m all set, it’s just a matter of preparation.

--Ryan Masteller