YORISHIRO "I"C38 (Constellation Tatsu)

A stoner metal put out by Constellation Tatsu. A stoner metal put out by CONSTELLATION TATSU?! A STONER METAL PUT OUT BY CONSTELLATION TATSU?!?! Nah, couldn’t be!

…and it isn’t. Well, not really. Maybe this is the gateway drug that will get SLEEP to start listening to DEUTER, or vice-versa. Maybe a collaboration album? I dunno. Alls I know is, from one of my all-time favorite ambient-drone-experimental labels comes the rockingest thing I’ve ever heard released by them, and it STILL meets them loftiest of ambitions; to promote meditations to better tame my inner beast ALL THE WHILE allowing for dense, engaging soundscapes I can repeatedly turn to for journeys that vary wildly, depending on my moods (depending on how tame my inner beasts may be at the time).

This time around, a true, droney stoner-rock aesthetic is playfully appropriated, stripped of all grit (but not pluck, mind you!) and carefully arranged with the goal of exploring the nuances between ecstatic nod and deep-slow-motion headbang. Think American Analog Set and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats on a spring break gone mild. Or maybe Hollow Sunshine & the Sea & Cake? Either way, pretty goddamn brilliant. Can’t wait to wear this one out ‘til it warbles.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan