What makes a god start fires? Or, better yet, what makes a god start supernovae? That’s more like it – a vast display is more fitting. Then again, if you’re a god, what’s the point at stopping at a supernova? Why not just collapse spacetime and start over? Do something different, maybe? You can do whatever you want if you’re a god, the only being you need to impress is you. You don’t even need to follow the laws of physics if you don’t want to. You created physics, you can break its rules! Who needs a stable Higgs boson? Yeah! Magic power!

MONL!TH makes music for space creation, interstellar blasts of wonderful synth that disturb molecules.
God Walk is the postcreation comedown, the meandering experimental soundtrack for wandering through Eden. Before humans get there to screw it all up. You bunch of greedy jerks. Each artist complements the other, and a wonderful split is born in the cosmos, magnetic tape wound around spools encased in plastic, but these materials have been blessed by a being more powerful than any one of us could possibly imagine. At any rate, this music is huge and must be acknowledged. Preferably through prayerful self-flagellation. Who’s got the cat-o-nine-tails?

By the way, I’ve reviewed this one more fully already at Critical Masses, so check it out and enjoy thoroughly. I’m always happy to revisit this tape.

--Ryan Masteller