“S/T” C42
(Crash Symbols)

Endurance’s first track, “Outside”, sounds like absofuckinglutely nothing of the sort, but rather, a claustrophiliac colony of sleek, copper stalactites, each trembling furiously, filling some unseen cavernous space with ring and hum until a raging, white-noise/white-water rapid of trebly fog and one lone frog each washes the very ear canal clean, out past the event horizon. 

It is in this relentless sincerity of intensity that one lover of all things Stefane/Muzan Editions will recognize why the generally bombastic & beat-centric Crash Symbols should put out such an, on the surface, reflective, calming artist’s work…&It’s a gorgeous and exhilirating 11:41 opener, a truly perfect representative mix for both labels’ overlapping essences. 

The second track, “Waystation”, finds JS back in more familiar, peaceful territory, stalwartly performing his hallucinogenic weavings of field recording, morphing static, and core-targeted drone work,  all of these just realigning the everlovingshit out of any concerted ear’s chakra’s earth-fork or whatever the hell that is that’s bound to be just purring deep down inside, once the track is through.

PJS, whose acronym might as well stand for “Pajama Jam Squad ”, is the absolute ambient bliss-out duo of Jordan Christoff* and Patrick Dique, and their side (b) long, 20+ minute odyssey, “Parallels”, synthesize(r)s the droning swells of a warm ocean sunrise along with its meandering surf-hiss and retreating shells & pebbles, a la late SotL something soporifically fierce and in the absolute very best way even possible.

The eternally good mood brought on by this tape would gift well as paired with its antidote, Crash Symbols’ release-date-mate, “Death By Misadventure”*, both releases having just come out on December 13th. Listen back to back to get ripped apart a little bit inside.

—Jacob An Kittenplan

*JC also, along with (but not like "on a split-with”) Endurance, had a tape out through Constellation Tatsu in the last year or two!
**by Mrs. Dink