“Radiate Don’t Fear the Quietus" C46
(Full Spectrum Records)

With so many skull-rattlingly brilliant electro-acoustic/avant-garde/minimalist composers rolling down the hill from Mills College over the decades, a Venn diagraming of influences and accomplices is miiiiighty tempting. For example, a cursory sweep of search engines shows that Shanna Sordahl was one of the cellists who played on Sarah Davachi’s overtone-worshipping “Baron’s Court” album. I’d have to dig a bit deeper to verify whether or not SS ever saw (or jammed with, for that matter) the sorely missed super-duo, Date Palms, but I’d swear it was Marielle Jakobsons’ own mournful melodies being bowed (though maybe with Arthur Russell’s more somber side in mind) during the more active, riffy portions of RDFtQ.

This is not to say that this album is in ANY WAY derivative; it just so happens to champion the qualities of the more adventurous electronic sound-sculptors that I happen to love from the SF Bay Area. Listen to this turned up loud and get lost!

Also, check the FS bio on bandcamp for Sordahl’s specs/gear-nerdery, if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s some rad stuff going on, behind the scenes, on her personal website, too, so go explore!


--Jacob An Kittenplan