PLATTENBAU “Endless” C18 (Glowing Dagger)

More rangey darkwave ethereality from San Francisco’s Glowing Dagger, this time via Plattenbau’s “Endless.” Gloomy synths and clicking drum machines prop up vocals straight out of the school of Beth Gibbons. The well-mixed result makes for appropriate synthwave soundtrack fodder – there’s definitely an eighties suspense thriller/supernatural romance that’s missing four perfect songs. And by the time you realize there are only four songs (d’oh!), you’ll already be neck deep in some sort of séance that you’ll need to escape at the last second. Or maybe your lot is to succumb to it. Who’s to say?

You need more songs to get through whatever it is! I guess that’s what the rewind button is for? Then “Endless” can be truly … endless.