“Circumzenithal Arc” C24
(Ingrown Records)

This is a serious ear-brain workout for the power-walker and napper alike, and is not recommended for intake whilst operating heavy machinery.

JHI’s “Circumzenithal Arc” is a jam-packed, New-Age-gone-Reichian-polyrhythmic journey that roams center-less, pulseless, and nonetheless driving and sprawling, all of this, Insistently. This li’l beast camps just consonant enough to skip the Harsh Noise Wall-partitioning of coming off tonally entropic, yet is still buckshot with enough dissonant flourish to appeal to the dark-ambient loving heart, it’s hosting equal parts Nodalongable-to and Nodoffalongable-through blends of hypnotic drone and crisp, staccato attack; it's a pretty sweet trick to behold, & JHI has it tamped down tight!


—Jacob An Kittenplan