“Untitled" C18
“An Affront to Reason” C38
(Tape Dad)

Through an emotionally exhausting detailing of violently oppressive imagery & direct social criticism, TOM BOIL shines a spotlight on the disturbing applicability of #MeToo to Punk Rock’s faux-virtuous communities, Allison Ward’s spoken-word/banshee shrieks both viscerally addressing the systemic hells assigned to women and beckoning all of us to consider better substitutes for our shitty social patterns. The music is raw & creative, blending early screamo and southern punk chaos into a powerful vehicle for empathy & rehabilitation.


PLASTIC PSALMS, on the other (tape) deck,  come on strong (though markedly less agenda’d), showcasing a dialed in blend of 90s hardcore & mathy punk (think Snapcase meets Drowningman) riffage that makes for a fast-paced, groovingly mosh-able 19 minutes that’ll whiz right by in the blink of an eye…with the other side’s 19 minutes letting us know what most of the album would kinda sound like backwards.

Both of these bands hail from Tulsa, OK and tour together, so set up a show with 'em, OK?