SANGAM “The Night After” (Doom Trip Records)

Sangam is all environment. The veteran artist pops up again on Doom Trip, and it’s a nocturnal affair – this release is called The Night After, after all. Sure, you’re bound to get gloomy when you’re in the business of soundtracking late-night contemplations and ruminations and regrets. But in the midst of all that self-reflection, all that soul-searching, the odds that you’ll find a little glimmer of hope in there, a little flicker of inspiration, are firmly stacked in your favor. How can you not extract some inner peace from this? Once you’ve got that light at the end of the tunnel, all that’s left is for you to create the environment.

Sangam is all environment.

Like Badalamenti in the rain, Sangam knows how manage a synthesizer for maximum emotional impact. And yeah, while The Night After is certainly quite sad, the somber approach to worldbuilding yields some tremendously honest and insightful results. All this meditating on one’s life – be it as a whole or specific pieces, like something that happened, oh I don’t know, the night before maybe – allows us to fix our gaze inward in a search for tranquility that may not be outwardly evident. Sangam gets in the head of anyone who feels that the only way forward in their life is to revel in the chaos and use it to propel them onward into the unknown. It’s exhilarating, sure, but it’s also scary as hell – The Night After acts as a centering agent, as an eye in the storm.

With the clouds overhead and the steady drumbeat of raindrops on your umbrella, you can turn your collar up against the wind, against anything, really – and Sangam in your headphones gives you a resolve to keep pushing forward. It’s all about your environment.