“Blue Highways Vol. 1 & 2” C41 & C62
(Hotham Sound Recordings)

Commanding solely but stellar a fleet of real fancy synthesizers, British Vancouver’s Mount Maxwell, ocean-gazing spirit-child of early Tangerine Dream*, rolls out some seriously deep Electro-Ambient/New Age synth-jaunts, cinematic strolls & sleepy sleepwalkings for us all to get lost along its foggy coastlines in for weekends at a time. These moody beasts have all the scope of a rolling epic, with the subtlety of a clinical assessment reference book, and it's truly a powerful and mesmerizing balance to take in. 

This is a criminally under-the-radar release and I honestly cannot figure out why these tapes aren’t in their third pressings by now. Listen in deeply and float and float along!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*DNA test pending. These tapes play like an unwritten greatest hits live jams comp recorded during TD’s early Virgin era releases. Which means it’s fucking great.