PICA “Psychedelic Technoise” (Degenerate Trifecta)

OK, I’m going with “ecto techno” because of the neon green, sure, but also because of the assonance that just flows that sucker together. And the music, subterranean, glowing, ethereal … poltergeist-y. Pica’s Psychedelic Technoise is indeed housed in a neon green shell, and that helps kick off this here fiesta. I honestly believe it’s the soundtrack to an inverted astral plane. An “Upside-Down,” if you will.

Meagan Johnson runs Degenerate Trifecta, and she makes acid-drenched electronic music under a variety of guises, Pica being one of them. Psychedelic Technoise is a weird trip down paths in my consciousness that barely feel familiar yet give me that incessant feeling that I’ve probably grooved to similarly gooey blacklit productions before. My grinning teeth glow purple (ignore the topographic map of radiant fuzz on my shirt), and I slip as if in a kinesthetic trance into bizarre movement. I am overcome and overwhelmed by the sticky yet sheer delight of Pica’s geometric wiggling.

Everything is recycled: case, tape, j-card (library free-bin atlas!), and check out the link to Flash Drives for Freedom below, which this release supports. People of North Korea deserve a better life, and this is a start!