YAN JUN “Adaptor” C44 (Anathema Archive)

Adaptors. We all need them. For recording, for playback, whatever. And we all know that when you connect or disconnect an adaptor, you get that nice electric crackle or feedback as the connection momentarily becomes tenuous. Do you know anything about science? Can you explain this to me?

Regardless, the sound can be fascinating.

Yan Jun agrees with that. So fascinated was Yan Jun by the sounds of these adaptors that he crafted an entire tape around the phenomenon. Side A features “audio adaptors connecting and disconnecting without monitoring.” So you mean they’re doing it themselves? Sounds kind of spooky. Side B gets a bit more hummy, and it’s been “denoised.” But I think you’re here for the noise. How can you not be? This is “Adaptor,” for crying out loud! It’s the WHOLE REASON you’re here!

For noiseheads and current junkies.