“Roof Tent Rhythms” C42
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

This sprightly beater is for all the old school Strategic Tape Reserve fans out there. The Tuesday Night Machines give us “Roof Tent Rhythms”, an interweaving of tones and phrases from ancient STR ghosts* of Krampusnacht past…but don’t worry. There aren’t any switches-for-stitches anywhere to be seen, just hap-hap-happy downtempo(ish), kitsch-classic beats kicked out via "an old battery-powered Akai MPC 500 sampling workstation”**. 

The overall effect is a li’l neon-crisp night out on the town just as the sun goes down, and it is strongly recommend to pair this release with qualchan.’s “The End of All Seasons”, released just a month or so ago and truly one shimmying bummer-town of a beat tape, if you haven’t already had the pleasure of mopily nodding along with it***; the juxtaposing feels**** to be had after taking in these puppies back to back is weird and satisfying.


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*tunage deftly purloined from Beauty Product, Jöns, Belmont Lacroix, & Mr. & Mrs. Chip Perkins.
**so say the STR copy gods.
***do it!
****as with most STR releases, the back story on RTR will hip you as to why the fuck this tape came in a repurposed tarp, so do your googlin’, or bandcamp-bio-peepin’ as your curiosity dictates.