“Every Road is a Good Road" C50
(Full Spectrum/Debacle Records)

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, “Every Road is a Good Road” holds weight. There’s plenty of paths/resemblances pointing to Sun City Girls noodle-work & irreverence, some trippy pedalwork and entrancing finger-picking a-la Espers, but also, it's looser, spacier, & jammier (again, SCGesque, but maybe more Animal Collective-like) in its use of synthesizers/sequencers.  

All this referencing aside, Blaine Todd is neither copycat, nor one-trick pony, but rather a Frankensteinian super-monster of psychy alt/folk goodness that proves hell-bent on guiding us through a cavernous, mesmerizing underworld of awesome. Hail hail!


—Jacob An Kittenplan