PERIOD BOMB / ROSÉ PEREZ “Born in a Bag” (20/20 Records and Tapes)

Femme no wavers Period Bomb return on the A half of a split with Rosé Perez, NOT Rosie Perez, as I was convinced of at first, but then was set straight because Rosie Perez is almost assuredly NOT into splatters of free punk anarchy. ROSÉ Perez on the other hand is – well, they like Period Bomb’s version of it anyway. Despite the fact that they’re a little more on the new than the no wave side. It all comes out in the wash.

Period Bomb’s side features daggers of guitar over mutilated rhythms, with spoken/shrieked/sung vocals intoning vagaries about sexy cowboys and, um, cuntroll [sic] freaks. The vaginal subject matter is not out of the ordinary for the group, and it’s a liberative tool that becomes a weapon when paired with the blasted tunes. Rosé Perez is a kindred spirit, with songs spoken in a valley girl accent while the Gits meet the Go-Go’s in the studio. These combined telecosmic powers subvert societal norms like lawnmowers wielded as weapons would “subvert” the patriarchal hierarchy. Sounds like the plot of a movie waiting to happen.